Real Estate Photography

Professional photography services focused on selling your homes quickly and effectively. Marketing shouldn't be hard, capture beautiful images that do the marketing for you and your clients.


New & existing residential listings. For virtual tours; online hosted tour, 6 months of online hosting included in rate.


$0.10 per Square Foot
2-5 photos/room, 4-6 exterior photos
Color Corrected
Sky Replacement (optional)

Virtual Tours

$0.10 per Square Foot
360° Photo Tour of Listing
Unbranded Online
Listing Information (with & w/out Realtor info)


Living Spaces




Capture new & existing businesses. Whether you're looking to sell your business or advertise new business spaces.


$0.10 per Square Foot
Detailed photography of all product shelves
Color Corrected
Scene Photos
Sky Replacement (where needed)

Virtual Tours

$0.10 per Square Foot
360° Photo Tour of Commercial Listing or Business
Unbranded Online


Ask about realtor partnerships with Photography by Erik. Enjoy discounted rates, priority scheduling, and more.


Ask about realtor discounts with partnerships including reduced rate per square foot.

Expanded Travel Area

No mileage fee for Chittenden, Franklin, Grand Isle, and Lamoille Counties.

Priority Scheduling

Make sure your listings are booked on your schedule.

No Monthly Hosting

Virtual tours require monthly hosting to stay online after the first month, partners enjoy no monthly hosting fee.

Copyright Photography by Erik, All rights reserved.
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