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Hi there :). I'm Erik Johnson, a local Vermont Photographer. I love living in Vermont, I also LOVE to travel, especially to destination events and weddings. I specialize in Portraits and Real Estate Photography. Architecture and seeing smiling faces both up light my world, I love what I do.

Photographing with me is more than picking a business to shoot your photos, it's about create experiences and long-time relationships. Some people LOVE getting their photos taken and some are like it more behind the camera. That's why I try to make every EXPERIENCE a memory, a moment in time where you can truly say, "That was really fun".

If you're looking for someone who's social, friendly, and can make anyone smile then please send me an email, drop me a text message, or give me a call. Let's see what SPECIAL MOMENTS we can create and capture together.

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Traveling Professional Photographer located in Beautiful Northwestern Vermont.