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Published: November 29, 2020

Staging a home to sell.

An empty home is almost as bad as a messy one. Real Estate buyers are searching for their dream home, and having a dream also means using their imagination. Just as a messy home makes it difficult for buyers to visualize their own furniture in your listing, an empty home can be almost as detrimental. Staging your home can be a game-changer when selling your home.

Empty homes are very large open spaces, without furniture, wall decor, or chotskies it's sometimes difficult to imagine what the layout of a room could even look like. That's why it's important, if you're moving out but haven't sold your home yet, to make sure to stage the listing.

I live in Vermont where there are some truly talented people who have some great organizational and creative approaches to home staging. You can easily find a home staging company or small business to come in and set your home up for success. Most for very reasonable prices.

If cost is a concern, consider this... Staged homes sell for 10-15% higher than un-staged home and sell considerably faster. What does that all mean, it means that although you're paying to have your listing staged, you are more than likely to make that back 10-fold in the sale.

What does staging mean to photography... Consider this space (below)...

Empty Real Estate Listing, Not Staged

It's a very open space, with not much going on. A beautiful view from the window, but that's about it. It's often difficult for a potential buyer to visualize their own furniture in the home without furniture to reference.

Home Staging Options

There are a few different home staging options available to sellers and Realtors. The first staging option is for homeowners who still have furniture in the home. These stagers will come to your home and style it in preparation for visitors, aka open houses.

The next staging method is empty home furnishing. These stagers cost a bit more than the other options. They'll bring all the furniture and decor needed to make your home look like, well, a home. These stagers cost $300-600 for the initial consultation and $600 a month to keep the items at the home. This option isn't often available for most sellers, due to the cost, but definitely is an option if you're looking to sell your home quickly.

The last option is virtual staging, this option is awesome if you're trying to keep the cost down. It still can cost $32 per image, so about $32-64 per room; it's important to stage every room so it's consistent. Virtual staging is easy and, more importantly, can be quickly turned around.

Whether you're looking for a quick solution or formal one, it's easy to save a few dollars and just leave the house as is, but if you're ready to sell it sooner than later, it might be best to consider staging your listing and hiring a professional photographer, like Photography by Erik. But before you hire the photographer, check out our checklist for preparing your home for sale.

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