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Published: November 29, 2020

Are you selling your Home?

So you're ready to sell your home? There are so many things to get done before you take real estate photography.

  • Hire a Realtor or List Yourself
  • Get your Home Appraised
  • Hire a Photographer
  • Stage Your Listing for Tours

First, you've got to choose to hire a realtor or sell it yourself (for sale by owner). Next, you've got to prepare your home for showings.

Preparing your home for strangers to visit can be quite an undertaking. There are so many things to keep in mind. I'd love to share a helpful tool you can use to get everything ready.

There are lots of awesome checklists and tools out there to sell your home, but let's focus on making your home look awesome to visitors. Making your home look amazing is one of the most effective ways to sell your home quickly and closer to your asking price.

Home Sell 32% Faster with Professional Real Estate Photos

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Homes with 20 Photos spend 32 days on the market on average.

Before I delve into the Real Estate Photo checklist let me highlight a few important things to keep in mind when booking a photographer for your listing. Be ready to reschedule, it's important that the weather be clear or party cloudy and not rainy or snowing. It's also important to try and get photos when the yard is clear of loose items (e.g. toys, portable pools, garbage cans, etc.)

Ok, now for what you've been waiting for, the Real Estate Checklist. There are 6 major areas of the house to focus on when preparing for the Real Estate Photography. Those areas are the house exterior, main living spaces, kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, and dining room.

Real Estate Visitors have two major thoughts going through their head, what will my stuff look like and what can I do with this house. Everyone want so to make the house their own when they purchase it. By staging your home you're preparing a canvas for them to build on. It isn't a blank canvas, homes need to have some items in them to begin building a picture off of. But I digress... Let's focus on the checklist.


The first category is the exterior. This is critically important because it will be the first thing people see when they're sorting through all the online listings. Making the house stand out and seem uncluttered will guarantee a higher number of views to that listing.

  • Put Away Seasonal Decor
  • Sweep/Wash all Walkways
  • Remove Hoses & Lawn Tools
  • Clean/Clear Pool Areas
  • Close Windows & Doors
  • Remove Trash Cans
  • Remove Cars from the Driveway
  • Put Away Toys & Bikes

Main Living Areas

These are areas that get the most visibility/use. When visitors envision themselves in the house, these are the areas they see themselves in the most. It's important to give them a minimalistic canvas to build off of.

  • Empty Trash Cans/Baskets
  • Remove Clutter
  • Open Shades & Blinds
  • Make sure all the Lights Work
  • Hide Pet Items.
  • Turn off the Television(s)
  • Turn the Lights On
  • Sweep & Vacuum Floors
  • Remove Personal Items
    (e.g. photos)


Making sure the kitchen is clear of any insect traps, personal items (e.g. fridge photos), and clearing off the counters will make the room feel welcoming and not foreign to Real Estate visitors.

  • Hide the Dish Towels, Soaps, & Cleaners
  • Clear the Counters & Stove
  • Put away Small Appliances
  • Empty & Store the Dish Rack
  • Put a Bowl of Fruit on the Counter
  • Clear Magnets, Notes, & Personal Items off Fridge


No one likes public restrooms because they're never quite clean. It's the same point for our own homes, we might find them clean enough but not everyone who visits will. Make sure to give them the 5-star hotel treatment.

  • Clean & Scrub the Tub & Showers
  • Hang Clean Towels
  • Clean all the Mirrors
  • Put the Toilet Seat Down
  • Remove Personal Items from the Shower/Tub


Ok, so none of us want to invite people into our very personal spaces, like the bedrooms, but if you're going to sell the house, you'll need to invite them in. Most realtors will stay with the visitors throughout the showings to make sure they're polite with your areas. But it's important to put away anything really close to your heart. Making the bedroom feel welcoming and comfortable will help make the visitor feel at home.

  • Make the Beds
  • Arrange Decorative Pillows
    (if you have any)
  • Clear Under the Bed
  • Declutter Surfaces
  • Put Away Clothes & Shoes

Dining Room

We finally get to the Dining room. This room often doubles as a playroom, office, sometimes used eating area. It's often the messiest or neatest room of any house, not many fall in between. But whether yours is a regularly used space or a museum of sorts, making sure this room is presentable provides elegance to your listing.

  • Straighten & Push in Chairs
  • Place Candles or Centerpieces on the Table
  • Set the Table for Supper
  • Add a Bottle of Unopened Wine & Glasses
  • Place Fresh Flowers in a Vase

Hitting these points will be a fast start to making your home Real Estate photo ready for your next visitors. Whether they're viewing you online or visiting the listing in person, these are a great way to start off on the right foot to selling your home.

It's very important to stage your home as well, making sure it's staged and not empty if you've already moved out, will increase your odds of selling quickly and closer to the price you're asking. Check out our other staging blog post for staging tips & tricks.

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